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Friday, October 11th


Saturday, October 12th



Calling all magical and fantasy based cos-players and creators! The Cosplay Contest will take place both nights of the event at 6 pm. You may choose to compete once or on both nights. If you wish to participate please register below, you will only need to register once, even if you are participating both nights. 

There are varying levels that you can register for:

  • Novice- Has not won or placed in a contests yet OR has entered no more than 3 contents.

  • Intermediate- Entered more than 3 contests OR has won/placed in a contest before.

  • Master- Is described as, but not limited to:​​

    • Cosplay craft is close to or at a professional level.​

    • Commissions cos-plays or props for other cos-players

    • Makes some kind of income cos-playing or creating cos-plays

    • Has entered, won and/or placed in multiple contests.

Keep in mind, this is cosplay, not a costume contest, purchased 'Halloween' style costumes are not being accepted. Cos-players will be judged on the follow criteria:

  • Craftsmanship- quality of construction, material choice, deign and fitting.

  • Originality/Accuracy- costume should be accurate to the source material. If cos-play idea is original, then it should show originality.

  • Level of Difficulty- variety of materials, moving parts, electronics, multiple peices working together

  • Presentation- You will have 1 minute to present your cos-play onstage. Make the most of your onstage time and be creative!

  • Overview- scores will be based on the other criteria, your category of difficulty will be taken into account. 

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